Space quadrants

Space quadrants is a 2D explore/shoot/expand game that will feature

  • Planets exploration
  • Ship building
  • Space shooting
  • Planet colonisation
  • Fleet management
  • Empire management

The game revolves around 3 main features

  • Universe scaling from minable blocks to galaxies
  • Everything is craftable, from weapons to factories
  • Pluggable quests script language

The game will be played on 4 levels

  • Eploration/Minning of planets level (Have you ever seen an ant farm ? Well, each planet is a new one)
  • Colony level (See the planet as a grid where you put building slots to produce resources automaticaly)
  • Space level (Build your ship with crafted modules and explore universe)
  • Empire level (Mass produce ships and expand, expand, expand...)

Inspiration sources :

  • Master of orion : I loved the way you built fleets and colonies, tunning every aspect of your empire to the weapons fitted to your ships. I also loved the interactions between races.
  • Elite : Trade, Fight, Explore in a huge universe
  • XShipwars : A multiplayer space game where you fight and trade to expand you faction's empire
  • Spore : When I saw this game announced, I was already thinking of this project and said to myself : That's exactly what I dreamt of ! My only frustration with this game was that you could not interact with you empire as a whole or going on an adventure on an undiscovered planet once in space phase (Like on creature phase).
  • Minecraft : How can I word this ? Well... I LOVE this game. I always liked games like boulder dash where you dig in a risky environnement to hoard treasures. I think that's it's also linked with my love for legos : I love building things. I love combine things. I love seeing crazy things emerge from simple blocs.

What will be in the playable demo :

  • Mining
  • Crafting
  • Space travelling/Space combat
  • Universe exploration
  • Colony system

What will come next ?

  • Races
  • Empires
  • Quest engine
  • Graphic and planet terrain improvements
  • Multiplayer
  • Anything fun I will think of/suggestions
Those videos are from my working version of the engine, they're not showing the game as it is going to be. It'll be at least 20% cooler :)